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The Whitehorse Unit primarily respond to emergency storm damage covering trees fallen on roads causing a traffic hazard as well as damage to people's properties or vehicles that are causing ongoing damage or threat of injury, such as roof damage allowing rain into residences. The second most frequent cause for callout, often involving large numbers of personnel is search and rescue. These may be urban or in the wilderness. The local Police or VicPol Search and Rescue coordinate these searches. We also respond to: flooding, both localised and large scale; structural damage to buildings; rescue of trapped victims; and earthquake damage.

We provide support and relief to other emergency services when their resources are stretched or our specialist assistance is required. Typical circumstance include assisting the CFA with bushfire support operations, providing crime-scenes lighting and assist with searches The Whitehorse Unit has boat rescue personnel and airborne search observers who work with other units when required.


Whitehorse Unit has 5 vehicles, a flood rescue boat and a storm trailer

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