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If you have a genuine desire to help others, and you wish to be a member of a team that looks out for each other in situations that are often stressful and sometimes dangerous, then this may be for you.

You will acquire new skills and develop personal resilience and resourcefulness.You must also be over 18 and reasonably fit.

While a manual driver's license or truck driver’s license is not a prerequisite it would be very beneficial.

You must be able to get to the unit by your own means promptly, at any time of day or night, as we are an emergency service. (However you are not always on call, for example work and family commitments are taken into account).

Potential members also need to be aware that adequate literacy and numeracy skills are needed to complete the training requirements.

You will also be required to make yourself available at short notice for call-outs and on a frequent basis for training, as detailed under Time Commitment.


The contribution made by members who have retired from the workforce, who are students, or are self-employed are of particular value, especially during weekday working hours and long nights when there may be no opportunity to sleep until the next morning.


SES volunteers don’t do it for the income, we do it for the outcome

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